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Meghan Bokeno is the owner and founder of Sound Support, LLC.

With over a decade of experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities, from preschool to retirement, Meghan has a wealth of experience she can draw from when supporting clients.


Originally from Northern Colorado, Meghan has lived in the greater Cincinnati area since 2016. Meghan had a passion in supporting individuals with developmental disabilities from a young age. That, combined with a passion for music throughout her life led Meghan to discover the field of music therapy. Meghan grew up singing in choir, playing piano, guitar, violin, and electric bass.

Meghan attended Colorado State University and graduated with a degree in Music Therapy in 2014. After completing an internship in the Lawrence Kansas Public School District, Meghan practiced music therapy with children and adults with developmental disabilities in Indianapolis, Indiana for two years. In addition to her experience practicing music therapy, Meghan has worked with individuals with disabilities in many other capacities: from respite with children and caring for adults in a group home setting, as well as a Skill Development and Assessment Specialist for Envision CITE services. This role focused on teaching parents and caregivers skills to help their children learn new skills to be more independent. With this variety of experience, Meghan is able to see things from a different perspective, and is adept at collaborating with professionals from many different domains to help support the best outcome for the individual. 

Meghan values holistic care that incorporates what is most important to the individuals she serves. Not only will Meghan complete a in-depth, thorough assessment incorporating elements of music, but she will collaborate with other related services such as speech, occupational therapy, and physical therapy, to ensure that the goals developed in music therapy complement other goals the individual is working towards. The primary goal Meghan has with every individual she works with is the services have a lasting impact outside of sessions- her services are focused on teaching parents and caregivers how to implement strategies so that the individual can continue to grow well beyond when services end. 

When not practicing music, Meghan enjoys cooking and baking with her husband, watching TV with her two cats, and getting outside to run. 

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